Culture Transformation

Our Culture Transformation Programme works with the Senior Management or Leadership team to bring about the cultural change necessary to radically grow the profitability of your organisation.

We do this by teaching you how to overcoming shame-based cultures by teaching courage, connection and resilience.

Charles Darwin discovered that is it was not the fittest animals that survived in a changing environment but those best able to adapt to the new conditions. It is often difficult when operating within an organisation to see what needs to happen to ensure you are constantly adapting necessary change, both internally and externally, in your market place. Social researcher, Professor Brené Brown, has recently conducted research that exposes shame as the biggest barrier to creating transparent, creative and brave working cultures

The insidious influence of shame in our organisations and schools feeds staff disengagement, kills creativity and fuels disconnection and miscommunication.

Withinsight’s cultural change programme offers a rigorous change management process designed to restore alignment with your organisational values, re envision your leadership team and breathe candour, courage and compassion into your organisation’s culture.

I use an adaptive systems methodology to inform my approach to cultural change.

What can you expect?

  • We listen to your unique set of business challenges and clarify the business objectives you want to achieve through our collaboration.  We assess the business requirements and select the most suitable training professionals in my team.

Together we deliberate and create a tailor-made programme drawing on our expertise and

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