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Learning that lasts a lifetime

The Award winning Raising Children with Confidence Course is delivered to teaching staff and parents in schools. The course aims to transform the lives of children one interaction at a time. 

It offers parents and teachers the opportunity to learn from the very latest evidence based research in the field of Emotional and Mental health and wellbeing. Teachers and Parents who take this course are given the knowledge, insight and understanding to empower each child to flourish. 

Our aims

  • To offer you the latest evidence based research to ensure you are able to make informed choices about how you parent your children.
  • To provide a supportive, non judgmental environment to explore our parenting/teaching challenges and difficulties.
  • Support you to have the knowledge and confidence to be the best parent you can be.

If you would like to run the course in your school or community centre get in touch.

"I feel more supported and confident now. It has given me strategies that work and much more empathy and understanding. I don't feel isolated and alone. I realise that other parents need support too. Your enthusiasm, warmth and insight made it a very enjoyable, as well as a very informative course. I can honestly say it has changed my relationship with my Daughters. The course made me stop and look at my parenting and assisted me in changing certain patterns of my behaviour and responding differently to situations, which have had a positive impact.”

Kirsten Mother of two