The Virtual Family Sessions


Withinsight Coaching and Training would like to offer online parental support as a continuation of The Mindful Parent 2020 & 2018.  This will be part of our ongoing commitment to support parents to be at their best in the face of the numerous and complex parenting challenges facing us with spread of the Coronavirus. Withinsight Coaching and Training is dedicated to designing and delivering transformational content that offers parents the space, time and strategies required to give each child the best possible chance of realizing their full potential. This can only be achieved when parents, teachers and communities work together to provide safe, loving and intellectually stimulating environments within which our children can thrive. These virtual family sessions will be aligned with the values stipulated in the Curriculum for Excellence to support the emotional and social development of each child in Scotland.


At present, the measures undertaken to reduce the transmission of Covid-19 are putting parents under considerable pressure financially and increasing their responsibilities at work and at home with the addition of supporting their children with home learning.  Under this increased pressure and responsibility, understandably relationships can become strained and conflict escalate quickly. These sessions are designed to support, uphold and create a safe place for parents to bring their challenges and process some of their emotional load.  Antoinette Ross is a skilled and highly experienced facilitator who will offer parents the opportunity to transform their difficulties into opportunities to develop strength, authority and personal effectiveness in the face of current limitations.  Participants will be able to:

  • Learn the 5 Step Emotion coaching technique to improve connection with all family members.
  • Have the space and time to reflect on how you are doing in the midst of everything.
  • Process some of your anxieties and reduce feelings of overwhelm.
  • Articulate your difficulties in a supportive non-judgmental environment.
  • Validate what you are doing well.
  • Build your parental confidence
  • Learn skills to transform your ability to handle the pressures of parenting with more patience and grace.

Time commitment = 4 hours

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