Transition coaching

Transition Coaching offers structured support, strategies, and skills to keep your chin up and your head clear in periods of uncertainty.

Transitions are part of life. They correspond to those periods where we are required to change gear, adapt or change our game in some form or other. You may have been given a promotion at work or want to return to work after having children. Getting some transition coaching to create some clarity around your objectives and have someone alongside you as you navigate your way through can make a marked difference in how swiftly you reach your objectives.

Transition coaching offers you:

  • A framework to work through any difficulty or barriers
  • An opportunity to build resilience and courage in the face of uncertainty
  • An opportunity to gain clarity about what you want e.g. which job or which business objective.
  • An opportunity to create a successful strategy to meet your objectives
  • Perspective when you are in the thick of it and find it difficult to prioritise.

Time Commitment 8 hours

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