Performance coaching

Performance Coaching offers you a structured approach to transforming your productivity by dismantling what holds you back and reigniting your motivation and focus. 

Withinsight’s performance coaching programme will offer you the opportunity to explore what is holding you back and identify how to move you forward. In our supportive partnership we shine a light on the shadows that keep you procrastinating and second-guessing yourself and we work together to bring out your confidence, resourcefulness and self-belief.    

I use a brain-based approach to coaching with the focus on sustainable behavioural change. Participants will learn skills, tools and techniques to improve their performance as well as in their day-to-day work.  This learning will add to their current tool kit and develop their skills in meetings, conversations and specific areas of work to support and sustain a positive working culture.

All of our learning programmes are aligned to the standards and ethics outlined by the Association for Coaching (AC) and the AC competency framework underpins our work.


Learning objectives

  • Build self-confidence and effectiveness
  • Create a safe, trusting forum to receive feedback and acknowledgement.
  • Increase self-awareness and gain a working knowledge of the underlying principles to raise their game at work.
  • Introduce tools, tips and techniques for getting the best out of self and others.

Time Commitment 8 hours

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