Brain-based coaching uses a neuroscientific method designed to show you how to forge the new neural pathways necessary to bring about effective and sustainable behavioural change.

Withinsight Coaching and Training offers three different flavours of brain based coaching.

  1. Leadership Coaching – working with you to create the vision and strategy to lead your team/organisation confidently towards a brighter future
  2. Performance Coaching – raising your game without raising your blood pressure.
  3. Transition Coaching  – supporting your through a process of change by creating a bridge over troubled water.

I use a structured coaching framework to create the backbone for each session and to provide each client with a way to measure tangible progress. I offer an introductory session to ensure you feel comfortable with our coaching partnership and to test our chemistry. Sessions are an hour long and take place in a safe learning environment either at Withinsight Offices in New Town or in a confidential meeting room at your work place.  I recommend 6-8 sessions to ensure results are sustainable and meaningful. All of our programmes are aligned to the standards and ethics outlined by the Association for Coaching (AC) and the AC competency framework underpins our work.